Princess Anne has attended the 99th Royal Variety Performance and was entertained by a host of entertainers and stars

Carrying a posy of white and pink carnations, Anne walked down the red carpet on arrival wearing a fascinator, black gloves and elegant black gown, studded with a sparkling silver pattern. She also wore a fur shrug a she entered The Lowry Theatre in  Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.


The event hosted by Comedian Peter Kay opened with Dhol Foundation, a team of Asian drummers based in London, and Royal Marines. The event also included Cee Lo Green who performed his new single, Anyway, followed by British pop star Pixie Lott singing All About Tonight. Anglo-Iranian comic Omid Djalili entertained the audience with some topical jokes. Then was Adam Cooper taking on the role made famous by Gene Kelly with the theme tune to Singin’ In The Rain. Before this year’s Britain’s Got Talent winner, Jai McDowall, sang a cover of U2′s With Or Without You.


The second half was opened by Barry Manilow and followed by Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger who played the role of Christine for a rendition of the theme tune to Phantom Of The Opera, introduced by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Legendary American crooner Tony Bennett stole the show, bringing the house down with two of his classic songs, The Best Is Yet To Come and How Do You Keep The Music Playing?


Bennett, 85, told the audience: “I have been coming to Great Britain for 60 years and the British public have been so beautiful all through the years, it is such a joy to be in this great country, especially tonight.”


Kay signed off saying: “I’m sorry it took so long, you will never see any of this on television!”


The show climaxed with a tribute to rock band Queen, led by Cee Lo Green and Leona Lewis performing Somebody To Love.


The show will be screened on ITV1 on December 14.


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Even the Queen is taking cuts in the downturn as she accepts austerity cuts until 2015. 


The Queen is feeling the pinch in the recession just like the rest of us as she is to have a pay freeze until 2015. The Queen is sharing the financial burden.


Her pay dropped from £38.3million in 2008-2009 to £32.1million last year and she is currently in the middle of a two-year freeze which will hold her funding at £30million a year until April 2013.


With the new rule this will stay the same for an additional 2 years. This will mean she will be on course to have 6 years of successive pay cuts.


Also the old Civil List has been replaced with the Sovereign Grant.


This gives her 15% of the profits from the Crown Estate – her £7billion ­property portfolio which includes Regent Street, Windsor Great Park and more than half the UK’s coastline.


A Treasury briefing document says: “The grant levels envisaged in the early years are, in real terms, below what the Royal Household spent in every one of the last 20 years.”


This pay freeze will most likely mean a delay in the repairs of the Royal Residences which already has a long backlog.


There will also be no extra money from the taxpayers to pay for the Court of the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge. The money needed to fund this will be met by the Prince Of Wales which is the current arrangement

Buckingham Palace is likely to boost its efforts to raise money from commercial sources, or to cut back on public appearances by the royal family.


Sir Alan Reid, keeper of the privy purse, warned last summer that it would be “very difficult for overall expenditure to fall much further without impacting on the Royal Household’s activities in support of the Queen and the long-term health of the estate.”


To read more


The Queen’s role as Head Of The Church Of England may no longer be appropriate. 


MP’s have suggested that after the new changes to the succession laws, HM’s role as Head of the Church of England would no longer be appropriate.


As Roman Catholics would now be allowed to marry into the Royal Family the role of Head Of The Church Of England would potentially create a conflict of interest.


It said that if  an Heir was raised a Roman Catholic their role in the future within the Church Of England would ‘obviously be difficult’. Under the current laws the Monarch is required to ‘join in communions’ and promote Anglicism in Britain as her role of  Supreme Governor,


The report, by the political and constitutional reform committee, said: “The scenario does beg the question of whether it remains appropriate for the monarch to be required to be in communion with the Church of England.

“The most obvious difficulty in having a Catholic monarch – beyond the purely statutory obstacles – is the Crown’s role as supreme governor of the Church of England.” The MPs said that Parliament “may wish to consider” the current relationship between the monarch and the Church of England.


A spokesman for the Church of England said: “You can’t be Supreme Governor unless you are in communion with the Church of England.

“The sovereign should join in communion with the Church of England and it is integrally bound up with there continuing to be an established church, which is something that the Government has confirmed its commitment to.”

Dr Robert Morris, a constitutional expert from University College London, told the committee that the monarch’s role as Supreme Governor is essentially ceremonial


Graham Allen, chairman of the committee, said the report was “leaving the door open for the Government if they want more change”.

He added: “There could be more in this if the Government were prepared to ask us to go and delve into it a bit more.”


A change in the Succession was announced earlier this year shortly after the marriage of the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge.  Under the amendments, the first-born child of the monarch will now be able to accede to the throne, whether a girl or boy. This would allow a firstborn daughter of the Duke and Duchess to take priority in the line of succession.


For more information


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The Duke Of Cambridge was this week involved in a big rescue in the Irish Sea. He helped air lift two shipwrecked Sailors but 5 other Crew are missing presumed dead.


The accident is believed to have happened in the early hours yesterday after a 267ft Swanland sank with its cargo of 3,000 tons of limestone after being hit by a massive wave off the North Wales coast


Prince William was Co-piloting the aircraft during the rescue operation n 50mph winds as the crew from his base, RAF Valley in Anglesey, spotted the second officer and a crewmate in the sea and winched them to safety


To read more about the rescue operation



Prince William’s Unit is to be phased out 


The role of Search and Rescue is to be changed within the next few years instead of Military pilots the job will now be performed by Civilians.

The MOD (Military of Defense) plans to retire it’s last Sea Kings by 2016 and the Government has announced the end of search-and-rescue operations at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland in 2015 and at the coastguard centre at Portland in Dorset in 2017. The plans also include changes to Britain’s search-and-rescue helicopter service, whose military pilots include the Duke of Cambridge, which will become a civilian-only operation.


Under existing arrangements, search and rescue is provided jointly by the MoD – operating a fleet of Sea King helicopters from eight military bases – with a further four civilian bases operated under contract to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).


Prince William was understood to have expressed his concern to Prime Minister David Cameron about the privatisation of search and rescue when they met in Zurich as part of England’s soccer 2018 World Cup bid in December last year.


Military S&R to be phased out


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Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall last week paid a visit to the BBC Studio where Strictly Come Dancing is filmed. The Duchess had been invited by Judge Craig Revel Horwood to watch the final rehearsals for last Saturday’s show.


A show source said: “The visit was top secret but Craig thought it would give the remaining contestants and the crew a real boost if Camilla came down to watch them in action.

“The Duchess is a big fan of the series and watches the show with Prince Charles so she was very knowledgeable when she was watching the run through.

“None of the contestants could believe it when she walked in, but it certainly made them concentrate even more in the rehearsals and a few of the dancers seemed a bit starstruck.”


Speaking after the visit, Craig Revel Horwood, said; “I’m delighted to have welcomed The Duchess to Strictly Come Dancing. Having got to know her through our charity work and having learnt what a fan of the series she is, it has been a pleasure to show her a sneak preview of this Saturday’s show and some of the work which goes into making the series.”


Craig and Camilla have become unlikely friends in recent years through their involvement in the National Osteoporosis Society


Camilla Visits Strictly Comes Dancing

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The Queen entertained Fleet Street yesterday at Buckingham Palace. HM invited 350 members of the media to her official London home ahead of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations next year.


Other Senior Royals also attended the event, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall along with the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge were also present.


Among the guests were broadcaster Andrew Marr, This Morning host Phillip Schofield and TV presenter Fern Cotton.


In honour of the guests, the palace’s East Gallery was renamed the Tweet Suite for the night – for those who wanted to post online messages. The space also contain displays about the Queen’s Golden and Silver Jubilees and Queen Victoria’s 1897 Diamond Jubilee.


The last time the Queen staged a similar event was in 2002, the year of her Golden Jubilee.





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Okidoki people I’m back!

So after thinking about mousie’s idea I got an epiphany

I wondered: what’s the first thing that pops up when you think of royals? Me, I think of this.








The British crown jewels.

The set of British crown jewels is grand and unique in the world. Because unlike most crown regalia in museums around the world, some parts of  the British set are still used rather frequently.






Okay, now the history of the British set is simple, remember a chappie called Cromwell?

Well after he chopped off king Charles head in 1649 (that’s Charles the first BTW) he went to the tower and had a look at the jewels in there.

He saw them and probably thought something like this : “I need money and a republic doesn’t really need crown jewels, let’s sell them and if that doesn’t work we’ll melt them and sell the stones and gold!”

And so they did, unfortunately! add pictures Charles II coronation and Cromwell






Coronation of Charles II

Nearly all crown pieces  you can see nowadays were made for the coronation of Charles II in 1661 when they reinstalled the monarchy.

Which means that the Crown jewels are of course still 350 years old (that’s older then the US Declaration of Independence people!) So for some of you they will be seen as old and some will think they were made rather recent.

Now that you know when I’ll show you what.









St- Edwards crown

St Edwards crown:

THE crown of the set made in 1661, completely gold with 444 precious stones (I wonder if they did that on purpose, 444?) in the beginning they loaned these stones  and only set in them the gold frame for each coronation but in 1911 the stones were bought permanently. It’s a heavy piece of jewellery weighing more then 4 lbs, (that’s 2.2kg!) no wonder some monarchs such as Queen Victoria preferred not to wear it during their coronation.







The imperial state crown

The imperial state crown:

this exquisite crown was made in 1937 for the coronation of George VI.  It was a replica designed from an earlier state crown that was used to crown Victoria, she found the SE crown to heavy remember. It’s the crown used the most often of all. Every year in September the official opening of parliament is done with huge pomp and circumstance, and this crown plays a part in this ceremony, iteven has it own carriage to arrive at the houses of parliament before HM.

Unlike the SE crown it weights only 2 lbs (less then 1kg) that’s still a heavy thing to wear on your head which is why HM has to get used to wearing it before the opening of parliament. The crown is made of platinum and is set with  2868 diamonds 272 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies. add pic of crown






Sceptres, orbs and swords


Scepter with the cross

Sceptre with the cross:

Originally made in 1661 it was redesigned in 1910 when they added the biggest cut clear diamond the Cullinan I 530.20 carats (approx 100 gr/3.5 oz) the sceptre is held in the right hand at the coronation and is a symbol for











Sceptre with the dove

Sceptre with the dove:

was also made in 1661, and atop it is a dove symbolizing the Holy sprit. While the Sceptre with the Cross is held in the right hand, the Sceptre with the Dove is held in the left. At the same time as the King/Queen holds both Sceptres, he or she is crowned with St Edward’s Crown.










the Sovereign Orb

The Sovereing’s orb:

A hollowed golden ball with a cross on top, it has a band of pearls and jewels going round the centre, it symbolises the King/Queens role as defender of the faith. It is held in the left hand during part of the coronation process. There is also a smaller orb on display in the Tower, it’s the orb that was used for MaryII coronation. She and her husband Wiliam III had both equal rights to the British throne and so they had a double coronation for the couple in 1689. It has the same general form as the bigger one but it was lighter to hold and the stones they used for it are fakes. (300 year old fakes but still no real gems)






Five swords are used during the coronation.


Sword of Offering

The Jewelled Sword of Offering:

was made for the Coronation of king George VI. It is the only sword handed to the Sovereign during the Coronation it signifies that the royal power is at the service of the church. (the others are merely held in front of the Sovereign). It was described by Lawrence Tanner as the most beautiful and valuable sword in the world; the hilt and the scabbard are both encrusted with jewels (which include diamonds, rubies and sapphires) and the blade is of Damascus steel. During the procession in the abbey it replaces the Great Sword of State because that is too heavy to be easily carried.







Sword of State

The Great Sword of State:

The largest sword in the collection, and is held in front of the Monarch by the Lord Great Chamberlain both at the coronation and at theOpening of parliament. The gilt handle has decorations representing the lion and unicorn and the scabbard is decorated with jewels in the shapes of the floral symbols of the United Kingdom: the rose for England, the thistle for Scotland, and the shamrock for Ireland.


The other three swords used are: the Sword of Spiritual Justice, the Sword of Temporal Justice, and the Sword of mercy.

The first two symbolize the King/Queens relationship with church and state and the last one represents Curtana, the short sword of Ogier the Dane (I have no clue who that is) which he was warned to only draw in mercy not in anger. These three swords are some of the few items older then 1661, Cromwell didn’t think them valuable enough to melt them down.






Other items


The ring

The ring:

‘one ring to rule them all..’ (oh wait.. wrong ring, oops!) jokes aside ppl the corronation ring was made for WilliamVIs coronation in 1831. Previously, each Sovereign received a new ring to symbolize their “marriage” to the nation, though no new rings have been used since 1831. It’s set with 14 diamond, a big sapphire and five rubies set in a George cross. ( looks a bit like a modified union jack if you ask me, which was probably what they were heading for with the design)








Ampulla and Spoon

the Ampulla and the Anointing Spoon:

When the Sovereign is anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the oil is poured from the Ampulla into the Anointing Spoon. The Ampulla is a hollow gold eagle, and the Spoon is a silver-gilt spoon set with pearls. The ampulla is believed to be the one first used in the coronation of Henry IV in 1399. According to legend it was made to contain the oil presented by the Virgin Mary in a vision seen by St Thomas of Canterbury. It is accompanied by a golden spoon which is certainly of the 13th century. It is likely though not certain that the ampulla, an eagle crafted in pure gold, escaped destruction in 1643 when most of the regalia were destroyed or sold. The Spoon was bought by Clement Kynnersley, for sixteen shilling (approx 80 pence) when Cromwell ordered the destruction of the crown pieces. the Spoon, probably dating from the thirteenth century, is the oldest element of the Jewels. The ceremony of the anointing derives from the coronation ceremony of France.






the Bracelets

The Armills:

Gold bracelets said to symbolize sincerity and wisdom. For Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, a new set of gold bracelets were made and presented on behalf of various Commonwealth governments.







Well I think I got the most important pieces summed up, there are a few other less known parts of the Regalia but they will have to wait for another time.

To say it with the words of Porky Pig:

That’s all folks. (at least for a while)

Greets from yours truly


PS: this piece was made with the help of: Wikipedia, “The crown jewels, an official guide” (booklet I bought at the Tower of London) and Google for most of the pictures.

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Every month we will have a look at the fashion of the British Royals as well as the Continentals Royals.   This month we are looking at Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge as her outfits while attending the weddings of Friends and those of William’s Friends and Family. She has currently attended 15 weddings!




The weddings are


1) Wedding of Rose Astor to Hugh Van Cutsem – June 2005 (Source: Socialite Life)


2) Wedding Of Laura Parker Bowles to Harry Lopes – June 2006 (Source: Hello Magazine)


3) Wedding of Autumn Kelly to Peter Phillips – May 2008 (Source: Hello Magazine)


4) Wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman – July 2008 (Source: UK Press)


5)Wedding of Chiara Hunt to Capt. Rupert S. Evetts – September 2008 (Source: German Magazine)


6) Wedding of Laura Fellowes to Nick Pettman – September 2009 (Source: Hola Magazine)


7) Wedding of Alice Haddon Patton to Captain Nicholas Van Cutsem August 2009 (Source: Zimbo)


8 ) Wedding of Emilia D’Erlanger to David Jardine-Paterson –  April 2010 (Source: Hello Magazine)


9) Wedding of Mel Nicholson  to Oli Baker – May 2010 (Source: Daily Mail)


10) Wedding of Lucy Regan to Charlie Savory – May 2010 (Source: Isifa)


11) Wedding of Rosie Bradford to Harry Meade – October 2010 (Source: Zimbo)


12) Wedding of Louise Stourton to Harry Aubrey Fletcher – January 2011 (Source: Buzznet)


13) Wedding of Annabel Ballin to Sam Waley Cohen – June 2011 (Source: Socialite Life)


14) Wedding of Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall – July 2011 (Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine)


15) Wedding Harriet Colthurst to Thomas Sutton – September 2011 (Source: Sunday Express Newspaper/Ikon Pictures)


Kate has worn so many outfits but we have managed to pick a top 5.


Top 5 wedding looks


The Winner is



In 2nd









and 5th





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Prince Harry had some time off this week and he made sure to have some fun ….. in Vegas!


Harry started the fun last Saturday at Wynn Las Vegas’s Tryst Nightclub early Saturday morning,  Harry arrived around midnight and quickly took up quarters at a VIP table away from the club’s main dance floor. Harry went largely unnoticed as he bounced around the indoor-outdoor club, which features a massive outdoor waterfall.


The Prince took a shine to a blonde the prince was seen chatting her up on a red couch and he later danced seductively with her, with his hands around her waist and zero daylight visible between their bodies.


The fun-loving prince even jumped on the lap of a member of his security team as his group of nine – four men, three women and two security guards – laughed, and fell to the ground in hysteria. Keeping the humorous tone, Harry even got on his knees as he danced for a brunette girl at his VIP table later in the evening.


The intimate party wound down at 3 a.m. with the group of nine leaving the club out of a side door, with Harry quickly retreating to his room at Wynn Las Vegas.



Prince Harry’s Night Out in Las Vegas




For pictures click here




The next day he made the discovery, gambling equals free drinks 


Joined by eight guys
 – several from his group from the previous evening, including his security 
detail – Harry, 27, who’s on a break from military training checked out Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at
 the Bellagio at 7:30 p.m. On his way out, Harry was 
”all smiles” and was overheard saying he “loved the show,” says a source.


Another thing Harry loved: Free drinks, which was something he discovered 
he could get from simply gambling. “He lost $300 gambling (Saturday
 morning) and his friends lost $200. He couldn’t believe you got free
 drinks from gambling at the blackjack tables,


That night he hits the clubs again, this time at XS Nightclub. 

Much like the previous evening, Harry kept a low profile, sitting a 
table off of the main dance floor usually reserved for the owner of the 
club. Mainly keeping to his boys, Harry left the club just after 4 a.m



For more details




Harry spends a third night partying in Vegas 


Harry made it a hat trick the following night by returning to XS Nightclub for a third night of partying. Harry arrived around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, the same place he partied at the previous night, he relaxed in a VIP table away from the dance floor, listening to a deejay set by the Manufactured Superstars.


Although the mystery blonde he danced seductively with on Friday was at his table (donning a Beatles T-shirt and black jeans), Harry never sat next to her, nor did he dance with any women. Harry mainly kept to his friends and security guards for conversation, though he did greet a few friendly females.


Harry finally left the club just before 4 a.m. He’s expected to leave Las Vegas Monday and head back to Gila Bend, Ariz., where he’s been doing his Military training



To read more




Prince Harry visits Universal Studios


This week the Prince decided on some more wholesome fun by visiting Universal Studios.


He started the day with a luxury lunch before having a go on The Simpsons ride, Jaws Lake, Jurrassic Park: The Ride and Revenge Of The Mummy.


‘The highlight of the afternoon included a trek through the very popular King Kong 360 3-D and the War Of The Worlds, which were particular hits for the Prince,’ a source said.


‘He ended the day on a high note by offering a giant Curious George stuffed toy that he won at the theme park’s carnival games to one lucky kid who happened to be nearby.’



To read more

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On November 23, 2011 King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan paid a courtesy visit to the Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, during a trip to the United Kingdom.  The two royal couples were photographed at Clarence House, the London home of Charles and Camilla.

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Prince Of Wales’s charity takeover drives Businessman potty 


Business man William Dorling has called the attempt to rescue his former business as a ‘undignified manner’


“What looked like a rescue attempt turned into a hostile takeover bid,” says William Dorling, who owned Middleport Pottery, maker of the celebrated blue-and-white Burleigh ceramics. “The deal they were trying to force through would have left us without any reward for our sacrifice, and pushed us out in an undignified manner and in debt. “When we left the business, we had a record order book and were on the way to recovery.”


The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (PRT) took over Middleport, which is based in a grade II-listed building in Stoke-on-Trent, in June. The business had been the victim of a fraud and entered into a company voluntary arrangement.


Over the course of a year, the rescue offer turned into a takeover bid where the PRT were trying to buy the assets of the business as well as the buildings, and install people from the Prince’s affiliated organisations to run the business.” Mr Dorling has made a complaint to the charity’s trustees.


To read more



Prince Charles could finally become King…….of Romania! 


Prince Charles is already the longest serving Heir in British History but his wait could finally be over and he could become King of Romania thanks to his Ancestor Vlad The Impaler and become King Carol 111.


After he revealed in a interview just a few weeks ago about being related to the hitorical Romanian ruler his name has been thrown into the ring Central European newspapers yesterday were alight with speculation that the Prince of Wales could be anointed the next King of Romania if the country’s monarchy is restored.


The last royal ruler, King Michael – who reigned from 1927 to 1930, and again from 1940 to 1947 – was forced to abdicate by the country’s new Communist leaders, who threatened to carry out mass executions if he refused to step down. Romania went on to endure decades of communist government, most notably under dictatorial party leader Nicolae Ceausescu who ruled the country with an iron fist from 1965 until he was deposed and executed in 1989.


Admittedly, it is unlikely that he will ever be a serious contender for the throne as the deposed King, Prince Michael, is still alive – albeit rather elderly at 90 – and has family of his own But local newspapers have taken great pains to point out that as well as his ‘stake’ in the throne through his ancestor Vlad, Prince Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is also third cousin to the deposed King whose great-great-grandmother was Queen Victoria.


The rumour mill went into further overdrive when the country’s powerful tourism and development minister, Elena Udrea, flew to London last week to meet with Charles at Clarence House. The meeting was not publicised in advance, although pictures were subsequently released, and the glamorous Udrea subsequently spoke of her host in glowing terms and said Romanians should be more like Charles and ‘appreciate the country they live in’.


Clarence House last night confirmed the prince had a meeting with the Romanian minister but declined to be drawn on the nature of their conversations. A spokesman did, however, say the prince was very fond of the country and pointed out that he already owned properties in the region. But senior royal sources have dismissed the speculation as ‘ridiculous’.


For more details


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