The Duchess Of Cornwall has made a special visit to the Boston WI. 100 people went along for the visit last Tuesday and around 25 of the 70 WIs in the federation were represented. The Duchess watched as the WI demonstrated some of their skills and later the Duchess who is a Member of the WI in Gloucestershire herself joined in later to help make Christmas decorations


Brenda Cockerham, a member of Sibsey WI and part of the executive committee for the Lincolnshire South Federation of WIs, which organised the event, told The Standard: “It was very good. I was quite impressed. She met a lot of the members. She was quite pleasant.


“It was a very enjoyable day. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it.”


The Duchess was presented with several gifts from the federation and she was made an honorary member of the group – meaning she can head back to the meetings whenever she likes.


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Posted by mousiekins
Dated: 20th December 2011
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