The Duke Of Cambridge was this week involved in a big rescue in the Irish Sea. He helped air lift two shipwrecked Sailors but 5 other Crew are missing presumed dead.


The accident is believed to have happened in the early hours yesterday after a 267ft Swanland sank with its cargo of 3,000 tons of limestone after being hit by a massive wave off the North Wales coast


Prince William was Co-piloting the aircraft during the rescue operation n 50mph winds as the crew from his base, RAF Valley in Anglesey, spotted the second officer and a crewmate in the sea and winched them to safety


To read more about the rescue operation



Prince William’s Unit is to be phased out 


The role of Search and Rescue is to be changed within the next few years instead of Military pilots the job will now be performed by Civilians.

The MOD (Military of Defense) plans to retire it’s last Sea Kings by 2016 and the Government has announced the end of search-and-rescue operations at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland in 2015 and at the coastguard centre at Portland in Dorset in 2017. The plans also include changes to Britain’s search-and-rescue helicopter service, whose military pilots include the Duke of Cambridge, which will become a civilian-only operation.


Under existing arrangements, search and rescue is provided jointly by the MoD – operating a fleet of Sea King helicopters from eight military bases – with a further four civilian bases operated under contract to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).


Prince William was understood to have expressed his concern to Prime Minister David Cameron about the privatisation of search and rescue when they met in Zurich as part of England’s soccer 2018 World Cup bid in December last year.


Military S&R to be phased out


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Dated: 30th November 2011
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