Prince Harry had some time off this week and he made sure to have some fun ….. in Vegas!


Harry started the fun last Saturday at Wynn Las Vegas’s Tryst Nightclub early Saturday morning,  Harry arrived around midnight and quickly took up quarters at a VIP table away from the club’s main dance floor. Harry went largely unnoticed as he bounced around the indoor-outdoor club, which features a massive outdoor waterfall.


The Prince took a shine to a blonde the prince was seen chatting her up on a red couch and he later danced seductively with her, with his hands around her waist and zero daylight visible between their bodies.


The fun-loving prince even jumped on the lap of a member of his security team as his group of nine – four men, three women and two security guards – laughed, and fell to the ground in hysteria. Keeping the humorous tone, Harry even got on his knees as he danced for a brunette girl at his VIP table later in the evening.


The intimate party wound down at 3 a.m. with the group of nine leaving the club out of a side door, with Harry quickly retreating to his room at Wynn Las Vegas.



Prince Harry’s Night Out in Las Vegas




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The next day he made the discovery, gambling equals free drinks 


Joined by eight guys
 – several from his group from the previous evening, including his security 
detail – Harry, 27, who’s on a break from military training checked out Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at
 the Bellagio at 7:30 p.m. On his way out, Harry was 
”all smiles” and was overheard saying he “loved the show,” says a source.


Another thing Harry loved: Free drinks, which was something he discovered 
he could get from simply gambling. “He lost $300 gambling (Saturday
 morning) and his friends lost $200. He couldn’t believe you got free
 drinks from gambling at the blackjack tables,


That night he hits the clubs again, this time at XS Nightclub. 

Much like the previous evening, Harry kept a low profile, sitting a 
table off of the main dance floor usually reserved for the owner of the 
club. Mainly keeping to his boys, Harry left the club just after 4 a.m



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Harry spends a third night partying in Vegas 


Harry made it a hat trick the following night by returning to XS Nightclub for a third night of partying. Harry arrived around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, the same place he partied at the previous night, he relaxed in a VIP table away from the dance floor, listening to a deejay set by the Manufactured Superstars.


Although the mystery blonde he danced seductively with on Friday was at his table (donning a Beatles T-shirt and black jeans), Harry never sat next to her, nor did he dance with any women. Harry mainly kept to his friends and security guards for conversation, though he did greet a few friendly females.


Harry finally left the club just before 4 a.m. He’s expected to leave Las Vegas Monday and head back to Gila Bend, Ariz., where he’s been doing his Military training



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Prince Harry visits Universal Studios


This week the Prince decided on some more wholesome fun by visiting Universal Studios.


He started the day with a luxury lunch before having a go on The Simpsons ride, Jaws Lake, Jurrassic Park: The Ride and Revenge Of The Mummy.


‘The highlight of the afternoon included a trek through the very popular King Kong 360 3-D and the War Of The Worlds, which were particular hits for the Prince,’ a source said.


‘He ended the day on a high note by offering a giant Curious George stuffed toy that he won at the theme park’s carnival games to one lucky kid who happened to be nearby.’



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