Prince Of Wales’s charity takeover drives Businessman potty 


Business man William Dorling has called the attempt to rescue his former business as a ‘undignified manner’


“What looked like a rescue attempt turned into a hostile takeover bid,” says William Dorling, who owned Middleport Pottery, maker of the celebrated blue-and-white Burleigh ceramics. “The deal they were trying to force through would have left us without any reward for our sacrifice, and pushed us out in an undignified manner and in debt. “When we left the business, we had a record order book and were on the way to recovery.”


The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (PRT) took over Middleport, which is based in a grade II-listed building in Stoke-on-Trent, in June. The business had been the victim of a fraud and entered into a company voluntary arrangement.


Over the course of a year, the rescue offer turned into a takeover bid where the PRT were trying to buy the assets of the business as well as the buildings, and install people from the Prince’s affiliated organisations to run the business.” Mr Dorling has made a complaint to the charity’s trustees.


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Prince Charles could finally become King…….of Romania! 


Prince Charles is already the longest serving Heir in British History but his wait could finally be over and he could become King of Romania thanks to his Ancestor Vlad The Impaler and become King Carol 111.


After he revealed in a interview just a few weeks ago about being related to the hitorical Romanian ruler his name has been thrown into the ring Central European newspapers yesterday were alight with speculation that the Prince of Wales could be anointed the next King of Romania if the country’s monarchy is restored.


The last royal ruler, King Michael – who reigned from 1927 to 1930, and again from 1940 to 1947 – was forced to abdicate by the country’s new Communist leaders, who threatened to carry out mass executions if he refused to step down. Romania went on to endure decades of communist government, most notably under dictatorial party leader Nicolae Ceausescu who ruled the country with an iron fist from 1965 until he was deposed and executed in 1989.


Admittedly, it is unlikely that he will ever be a serious contender for the throne as the deposed King, Prince Michael, is still alive – albeit rather elderly at 90 – and has family of his own But local newspapers have taken great pains to point out that as well as his ‘stake’ in the throne through his ancestor Vlad, Prince Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is also third cousin to the deposed King whose great-great-grandmother was Queen Victoria.


The rumour mill went into further overdrive when the country’s powerful tourism and development minister, Elena Udrea, flew to London last week to meet with Charles at Clarence House. The meeting was not publicised in advance, although pictures were subsequently released, and the glamorous Udrea subsequently spoke of her host in glowing terms and said Romanians should be more like Charles and ‘appreciate the country they live in’.


Clarence House last night confirmed the prince had a meeting with the Romanian minister but declined to be drawn on the nature of their conversations. A spokesman did, however, say the prince was very fond of the country and pointed out that he already owned properties in the region. But senior royal sources have dismissed the speculation as ‘ridiculous’.


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