Sorry for the lack of updates but here is the round-up of the last days!

  • The Dukes of Cambridge attended Spielberg’s last film, called War Horse, première in London. William was wearing which is possibly his only black tie suit while Kate wore a lacy Temperley dress and her usual curly hair. For photos look here and here, and a video. The royal anecdote was that Kate cried during the film.  Afterwards there was a party in Buckingham Palace for thirty people who had to pay 1000 pounds to attend, the money went to the Prince’s Foundation.
  • Clarence House published the list of presents the Cambs got in their trip to Canada and USA which can be found here. Although it deserves praise because it was a first step towards transparency the list only offers a very scant description and can mislead people about their value. So even though they wanted to avoid a similar situation to the Countess of Wessex they created another as tabloids such as the DailyMail criticised that the harry Winston diamond brooch the Duchess of Cambridge received was only describes as a brooch.
  • After all the rumours that Kate was given a puppy from his brother in Christmas it was not a surprise to see the new member of the Cambs family in their news photos in the beach. See all the photos here. Supposedly Hello didn’t publish the cute pictures because according to Clarence House the Cambs have been followed by the photographers, considering that they were in a public beach it seems more like autocensorship to me.
  • Another hot topic this week has been the possibility of gifting the Queen with a new royal yacht, however David Cameron refused the idea and now they are trying to buy it with private founding. However, the tax payer will still for the maintaining of the yacht which is usually not mentioned.
  • The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a church service in Sandringham, hopefully this means that the DoE is recuperating well although he won’t be able to shoot if the reports are true. As someone mentioned in the forum his loss is the animals gain! I also have to mention that I love the Queen’s pink outfit.
  • However, Harry and William continue the shooting tradition but this time in Spain where they went to La Garganta, a property of the Duke of Westminster in Spain. It was supposedly a  celebration trip because Harry had finished his advance training.


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Posted by Alexandrine
Dated: 18th January 2012
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