When everyone thought that we wouldn’t be able to see pics of the last wedding of the year, the new edition of Hello promises to show us all the details and even it has a second part next week! If you cannot or don’t want to buy the magazine but are intrigued about the wedding you can see the pics here.

Holly Branson’s dress is not very original (it reminds me of the infamous dress of 2011, I’m sure everyone knows which one I’m talking about!) but it is the perfect dress for the wedding background and Holly glowed in her wedding dress which is after all the important thing.

Eugenie and Beatrice appear in a couple of photos attending the pre-parties and the wedding; for the wedding Eugenie chose a red dress and Beatrice a beige and black dress which I think is by Valentino.

Picture from Hello.com

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Posted by Alexandrine
Dated: 4th January 2012
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